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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Managing the global waste in the 21st century: as an anthropologist views itPant, Dipak R.
2013Citation networks dynamics: a new clustering algorithm using recurrence plotsStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia; Sorrenti, Andrea; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2010Investigation of initiatives towards sustainability: a supply chain perspectiveColicchia, Claudia; Dallari, Fabrizio; Marchet, Gino; Melacini, Marco; Perotti, Sara
2016Financial and feasibility implications of the treatment of hepatitis C virus in Italy: scenarios and perspectivesCroce, Davide; Bonfanti, Marzia; Restelli, Umberto
2016A grid approach to managing sustainability: evidence from a multiple Italian case studyAgostino, Deborah; Dal Molin, Martina
2019Value creation in circular business models: the case of a US small medium enterprise in the building sectorÜnal, Enes; Urbinati, Andrea; Chiaroni, Davide; Manzini, Raffaella
2019Eurasia's extreme lands, marginal human habitats and large-scale infrastructure development: critical interdisciplinary reflectionsPant, Dipak R.
2018A model for assessing the quality and functionality of logistics buildingsBaglio, Martina; Dallari, Fabrizio; Garagiola, Elisabetta; Perotti, Sara
2018Factors influencing the implementation of new sustainable logistic models within dairy supply chains: insights from a multiple stages case study researchCannas, Violetta Giada; Ciccullo, Federica; Cigolini, Roberto; Pero, Margherita; Ruci, Meriola
2018Overview: tourism sustainability in the Alpine region: the major trends and challengesDornier, Raphaël; Mauri, Chiara