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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Setting up innovation networks: the case of a small company in the calibration industryLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2012From outsourcing to open innovation: a case study in the oil industryPellegrini, Luisa; Lazzarotti, Valentina; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2012IP and open innovation: theory and practiceManzini, Raffaella; Lazzarotti, Valentina; Pellegrini, Luisa
2010How to be open? Contextual factors affecting the dilemma: a literature review and a research agendaLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2013Effective organizational and managerial company frameworks to support open innovation: overview and the case of HeinzLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2013Partnering with public research centres and private technical and scientific service providers for innovation: the case of Italian rice company Riso ScottiLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2013The tension between traditional innovation strategies and openness: Lindt's controlled open innovation approachLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2011Protecting IP in the era of open innovation: an empirical study in ItalyLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2010Opening the innovation process: models and practice in ItalyLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2012The open innovation in practice: a survey in the food & drink industryLazzarotti, Valentina; Martinez, Marian Garcia; Manzini, Raffaella; Garcia, Mercedes Sanchez