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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Firm-specific factors and the openness degree: a survey of Italian firmsLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2010What is the place of technical and scientific service companies (TSS) in the process of developing new products? Insights on their managerial and organizational featuresLazzarotti, Valentina; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2010Open innovation models adopted in practice: an extensive study in ItalyLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2012Waiting for the market: where is the Italian university system heading?Minelli, Eliana; Rebora, Gianfranco; Turri, Matteo
2012Strategic innovation and new product development in family firms: an empirically grounded theoretical frameworkCassia, Lucio; De Massis, Alfredo; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2013Analysis of errors in histology by root cause analysis: a pilot studyMorelli, Pamela; Porazzi, Emanuele; Ruspini, M.; Restelli, Umberto; Banfi, Giuseppe
2015Knowledge exchanges in innovation networks: evidences from an Italian aerospace clusterAlberti, Fernando; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2014Halal products and services offered by Italian family businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector: brief case studies of entrepreneurship and innovationHalkias, Daphne; Pizzurno, Emanuele; De Massis, Alfredo; Fragoudakis, Mirka
2013Photovoltaic-technology adoption: emerging peculiarities in an Italian micro-family firmLazzarotti, Valentina
2014Budget impact analysis of antiretroviral less drug regimen simplification in HIV-positive patients on the Italian National Health ServiceRestelli, Umberto; Andreoni, Massimo; Antinori, Andrea; Bonfanti, Marzia; Di Perri, Giovanni; Galli, Massimo; Lazzarin, Adriano; Rizzardini, Giuliano; Croce, Davide