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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An exploratory study on R&D performance measurement practices: a survey on Italian R&D-intensive firmsChiesa, Vittorio; Frattini, Federico; Lazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2011Firm-specific factors and the openness degree: a survey of Italian firmsLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2007How do measurement objectives influence the R&D performance measurement system design?: Evidence from a multiple case studyChiesa, Vittorio; Frattini, Federico; Lazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2010What is the place of technical and scientific service companies (TSS) in the process of developing new products? Insights on their managerial and organizational featuresLazzarotti, Valentina; Pizzurno, Emanuele
2007How to sell technology services to innovators: evidence from nanotech Italian companiesChiesa, Vittorio; De Massis, Alfredo; Frattini, Federico; Manzini, Raffaella
2009Different modes of open innovation: a theoretical framework and an empirical studyLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella
2006The benchmarking of information system supporting the administrative university activities: an Italian experienceManzini, Raffaella; Lazzarotti, Valentina
2006The impact of research and teaching evaluation in universities: comparing an Italian and a Dutch caseMinelli, Eliana; Rebora, Gianfranco; Turri, Matteo; Huisman, Jeroen
2010Open innovation models adopted in practice: an extensive study in ItalyLazzarotti, Valentina; Manzini, Raffaella; Pellegrini, Luisa
2009Sustainability report in small enterprises: case studies in Italian furniture companiesBorga, Francesca; Citterio, Annalisa; Noci, Giuliano; Pizzurno, Emanuele