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Title: Cross-border commuters: how to segment them? A framework of analysis
Authors: Comerio, Niccolò
Minelli, Eliana
Sottrici, Federica
Torchia, Enrico
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wiley
Bibliographic citation: Comerio Niccolò, et al. (2020), Cross-border commuters: how to segment them? A framework of analysis. In: International migration. Published electronically 8 June 2020, p. 1-15. E-ISSN 1468-2435. DOI 10.1111/imig.12720.
Abstract: The removal of barriers to labour mobility and the enhancement of cross-border mobility are expected to reduce regional disparities by contributing to a more efficient allocation of labour. For some time now, however, researchers have considered borders and cross-border regions to be marginal zones. Therefore, we contribute to the discussion by providing a qualitative framework for the segmentation of the cross-border job market, capable of addressing some questions relevant to the management of cross-border commuting regarding the nature of imbalances that characterize the cross-border job market and the main factors underpinning the phenomenon. To do so, we focused specifically on the Euroregion "Regio Insubrica", a cross-boundary cooperation community between Italy and Switzerland. Nevertheless, the proposed framework may be easily applied to all the existing cross-border regions across the world in order to help explain the imbalances that exist, and support decision-makers regarding educational and labour market policies.
Journal/Book: International migration (Oxford. Online)
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