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Title: Lost in holacracy? The possible role of e-HRM In dealing with the deconstruction of hierarchy
Authors: Ravarini, Aurelio
Martinez, Marcello
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Emerald
Bibliographic citation: Ravarini Aurelio, Martinez Marcello (2019), Lost in holacracy? The possible role of e-HRM In dealing with the deconstruction of hierarchy. In: Bissola Rita, Imperatori Barbara, ed., HRM 4.0 for human-centered organizations. (Advanced series in management, 23). Bingley: Emerald, p. 63-79. ISBN 978-1-78973-536-9. DOI 10.1108/S1877-636120190000023006.
Abstract: This chapter aims to provide a contribution to the debate about the actual relevance and sustainability of holacracy as an organizational structure able to overcome the limitations of hierarchy. Based on the literature review of this topic, we developed a research framework to explore the organizational variables that allow, or encourage, the development of organizations according to the holonic model. We applied this framework to a case study of a fast-growing Italian system integrator and consulting company. The outcomes of the empirical investigation show that the applied framework enables the explanation of the development of a holonic organization and they highlight that, to deal with such development, a central role is played by electronic human resource management (e-HRM), defined in terms of HRM processes, software platforms, and organizational culture.
Journal/Book: HRM 4.0 for human-centered organizations
ISBN: 978-1-78973-536-9
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