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Title: The new triple-helix policy of Lombardy region: evidence from nine innovation clusters
Authors: Giusti, Jessica
Ferrario, Stefania
Belfanti, Federica
Alberti, Fernando
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Inderscience
Bibliographic citation: Giusti Jessica, et al. (2019), The new triple-helix policy of Lombardy region: evidence from nine innovation clusters. In: Global business and economics review, vol. 21, n. 3/4, 2019, p. 382-408. ISSN 1097-4954. E-ISSN 1745-1329. DOI 10.1504/GBER.2019.099394.
Abstract: Innovation clusters represent a concerted effort to bring together research, industry and government in line with the triple-helix framework. Clusters affect and are affected by their regional context where they are located. From this perspective, clusters are regarded as an integral part of regional innovation systems. A regional renewal based on innovation clusters may end up into incremental change, diversification or radical change and may involve the regional government, regional clusters association and cluster organisations. Nevertheless, little is known about how regions drive the implementation of renewal policies based on innovation clusters, differentiating among regional development paths and levels of regional governance. Hence, we collected data according to an embedded comparative case study research design on Lombardy region, where the regional government promoted a triple-helix inspired policy of implementing nine innovation clusters. Findings have both conceptual and policy implications with regard to triple-helix, clusters and regional innovation systems.
Journal/Book: Global business and economics review
ISSN: 1097-4954
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