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Title: A proposal for a micro-territorial well-being index: the WIT
Authors: Serati, Massimiliano
Pacicco, Fausto
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Società italiana di economia demografia e statistica
Bibliographic citation: Serati Massimiliano, Pacicco Fausto (2018), A proposal for a micro-territorial well-being index: the WIT. In: Rivista italiana di economia, demografia e statistica, vol. 72, n. 3, luglio-settembre 2018, p. 77-88. ISSN 0035-6832.
Abstract: The well-being measurement and its key-drivers are still "opaque" issues, despite the importance in both academic and public debates (Stiglitz et al., 2009). The sheer approximation of this complex phenomenon with economic measures (such as GDP, NNP) do not allows for a full characterisation, thus requiring vast sets of indicators, to address each theme and/or synthetic index. In this paper starting from the 100% Lombardia statistical platform, we develop a synthetic measure of well-being (named WIT), for 11 clusters of cities in Lombardy, testing them with other socio-economic variables. We find that socio-economic variables react as expected in response to shocks, thus confirming the appropriateness of our approach.
Journal/Book: Rivista italiana di economia, demografia e statistica
ISSN: 0035-6832
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