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Title: Public services management and co-production in multi-level governance settings
Authors: Sicilia, Mariafrancesca
Guarini, Enrico
Sancino, Alessandro
Andreani, Martino
Ruffini, Renato
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Sage
Bibliographic citation: Sicilia Mariafrancesca et al. (2016), Public services management and co-production in multi-level governance settings. In: International review of administrative sciences, vol. 82, n. 1, 2016, p. 8-27. Published electronically 5 June 2015. ISSN 0020-8523. E-ISSN 1461-7226. DOI 10.1177/0020852314566008.
Abstract: From a normative stance, co-production has been recommended at all stages of the public service cycle. However, previous empirical studies on co-production have neglected the question of how to make this happen. Moreover, little attention has been paid to how co-production might occur in multi-level governance settings. The aim of this article is to fill these gaps, identifying triggers and organizational and managerial issues that could support the adoption of co-production in multi-level governance settings. The empirical analysis is based on a case study of services for autistic children. The findings highlight that co-production was prompted by inter-organizational arrangements and that trust-building among the actors played a pivotal role in nurturing a co-production approach.
Journal/Book: International review of administrative sciences
ISSN: 0020-8523
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