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Title: A procedure simulating Likert scale item responses
Authors: Boari, Giuseppe
Nai Ruscone, Marta
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: ESE - Salento University Publishing
Bibliographic citation: Boari Giuseppe, Nai Ruscone Marta (2015), A procedure simulating Likert scale item responses. In: Electronic journal of applied statistical analysis, vol. 8, n. 3, December 2015, p. 288-297. ISSN 2070-5948.
Abstract: Data collected during a survey by means of a questionnaire are, in general, expressed with reference to a Likert type scale, giving rise to non-metric data (ordinal categorical). However most of the statistical procedures used to analyze survey data (for example FA or SEM) require at least interval scale measures, that may be obtained for example by using proper scaling procedures. In order to compare, by simulation, scaling techniques most commonly used in the literature, we consider necessary to achieve, in advance, an appropriate algorithm that best reproduces the discretization process followed by the respondents to the Likert questionnaire items. Accordingly, we propose a discretization procedure that, starting from a continuous random variable, describing all possible individual responses to a given stimulus, generates the corresponding categories, choosen among a finite set of integer values.
Journal/Book: Electronic journal of applied statistical analysis
ISSN: 2070-5948
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