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Title: Assessment of biological kinetics in a conventional municipal WWTP by means of the oxygen uptake rate method
Authors: Torretta, Vincenzo
Ragazzi, Marco
Trulli, Ettore
De Feo, Giovanni
Urbini, Giordano
Raboni, Massimo
Rada, Elena Cristina
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: MPDI AG
Bibliographic citation: Torretta Vincenzo, et al. (2014), Assessment of biological kinetics in a conventional municipal WWTP by means of the oxygen uptake rate method. In: Sustainability, vol. 6, n. 4 (Apr. 2014), 2014, p. 1833-1847.
Abstract: Pollution control of surface water bodies requires stringent checks on wastewater treatment plants performances. The satisfactory operation of biological treatment, commonly performed by means of activated sludge processes, requires a number of controlling and monitoring procedures. Suitable respirometric techniques for the determination of the kinetic parameters that regulate biological processes have been implemented in order to achieve this aim. This paper describes the results of an experimental research carried out in a conventional Italian municipal wastewater treatment plant. Particularly, the research has been finalized to both evaluate the biological process for the removal of biodegradable pollutants, such as carbonaceous substrates and ammonia nitrogen, and to collect data in order to evaluate a possible plant upgrade. Heterotrophic and autotrophic biomass kinetic parameters have been examined using respirometric techniques based on oxygen uptake measurements. The research performed makes a valuable contribution toward verifying the reliability of the values proposed in the literature for some kinetic parameters, which have been commonly used for a long time.
Journal/Book: Sustainability
ISSN: 2071-1050
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