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Title: Da relevância do factor humano ao papel das redes sociais para a atracção de colaboradores de elevado potencial
Authors: Gomes, Daniel Roque
Figueiredo, Ines
Marques, Joana
Ribau, Monica
David, Elisa
Ravarini, Aurelio
Rosenblatt, Meryl
Issue Date: 2013
Bibliographic citation: Gomes Daniel Roque, et al. (2013), Da relevância do factor humano ao papel das redes sociais para a atracção de colaboradores de elevado potencial. In: Exedra, n. 8 (2013), p. 60-75.
Abstract: Current competitive organizational scenarios in alignment with existing European Economy's characteristics have shaped employment markets to a specialized and strict type of recruitment. As a result, organizations are currently pressured to find high quality and potential in a global employment market, providing sense to the commonly used expression by recruitment professionals that "applicants' attraction is business" Two of the main factors allowing applicants' attractions to organizations in recruitment processes are to understand how applicants perceive an organizational has being attractive, and how to explain the application behavior. The most recent "Crown Jewel" for applicants and for organizations, seem to be Social Networks and their abilities to search and to identify employment market opportunities (eg.: LinkedIn; MeJobU; Facebook). In order to better understand the potential associated with Social Networks for employment markets access purposes, it is relevant to address the important issue of how prospective applicants place themselves regarding the use of social networks for job hunting effects. Using a qualitative methodology, these study intents to explore the main factors associated with the prospects for the use of Social Networks regarding employment market job opportunities access. We used a set of two focus group sessions in order to understand the characteristics associated with the use of social networks for applicants' attraction purposes. The results of the study are presented and discussed in what regards its bearing concerning theoretical, empirical and practical contributions.
Journal/Book: Exedra (Coimbra)
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