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Title: Dai rifiuti organici al biometano in rete
Authors: Ghiringhelli, Giorgio
Giavini, Michele
Centemero, Massimo
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Cipa
Bibliographic citation: Ghiringhelli Giorgio - Giavini Michele - Centemero Massimo (2011), Dai rifiuti organici al biometano in rete. In: RS. Rifiuti solidi, vol. 25, n. 4 (lug.-ago. 2011), p. 243-254.
Abstract: This essay shows the technological procedure to turn the organic waste in biogas and biomethane. Starting from the description of the process who allows to generate biogas from organic waste, especially from the urban one, we arrive to list the processes useful for its upgrading on industrial scale. Eventually we also consider the set rules concerning the input of the biomethane in the natural gas-grid.
Journal/Book: RS. rifiuti solidi
ISSN: 0394-5391
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