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Title: Managing resources for corporate entrepreneurship: the case of Naturis
Authors: De Vita, Riccardo
Sciascia, Salvatore
Alberti, Fernando
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: IP Publishing
Bibliographic citation: De Vita Riccardo, Sciascia Salvatore, Alberti Fernando (2008), Managing resources for corporate entrepreneurship: the case of Naturis. In: International journal of entrepreneurship and innovation, vol. 9, n. 1, Feb. 2008, p. 63-68. ISSN 1465-7503. DOI 10.5367/000000008783563055.
Abstract: The Case Study section of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation serves two purposes. First, the case studies presented are concerned with problematical issues that are pertinent to students of entrepreneurship. Thus they constitute appropriate teaching and learning vehicles on a variety of postgraduate and undergraduate programmes. Each case study is accompanied by a set of guidelines for the use of tutors. Second, it is envisaged that those engaged in entrepreneurial activities will find the cases both interesting and useful. The case in this issue is that of Naturis. Entrepreneurship is a resource-based process. Through the continous recombination of existing resources, companies can promote innovation to build their competitive advantage. Naturis is an innovative firm, whose growth is based on the exploitation of the potential of all its resources. The teaching aim of this case study is to explore how resources are managed to promote corporate entrepreneurship and to discuss the contribution of different kinds of resources to the company's competitive advantage.
Journal/Book: International journal of entrepreneurship and innovation
ISSN: 1465-7503
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