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Title: Important CIO features for successfully managing IS subfunctions
Authors: Tagliavini, Marco
Ravarini, Aurelio
Moro, Jennifer
Guimaraes, Tor
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Idea Group Publisher
Bibliographic citation: Tagliavini Marco, Ravarini Aurelio, Moro Jennifer, Guimaraes Tor (2004), Important CIO features for successfully managing IS subfunctions. In: Shayo Conrad, Igbaria Magid, eds., Strategies for Managing IS/IT Personnel. Hershey: Idea Group Publisher, p. 64-90.
Abstract: The importance of and the fast changes in the CIO's role in organizations are widely recognized. So is the need for CIO’s to acquire the appropriate set of knowledge and managerial skills to lead the organization's effort in effectively using Information Technology. This study is based on an extensive survey of the literature addressing the desir able features of modern CIO’s, and the impact of such features on the management performance of the IS department’s main activities or sub-functions. To empirically test the importance of the CIO features, a questionnaire was mailed to the CEO of 2000 comp anies in Northern Italy providing a usable sample of 158 respondents. The direct relationships between the CIO features identified in this study and their managerial performance in the areas of IS department human resources, operational management, strategic management, relationship management, and organizational management were corroborated. The results provide some insights on the desirable features for modern CIO’s, which in turn can be useful for CIO recruiting and professional development.
Journal/Book: Strategies for Managing IS/IT Personnel
ISBN: 1-59140-128-3
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