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Title: The problem of foundations of measurement
Authors: Mari, Luca
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Elsevier
Bibliographic citation: Mari Luca (2005), The problem of foundations of measurement. In: Measurement: journal of the international measurement confederation, vol. 38, n. 4, December 2005, p. 259-266. ISSN 0263-2241. E-ISSN 1873-412X. DOI 10.1016/j.measurement.2005.09.006.
Abstract: Given the common assumption that measurement plays an important role in the foundation of science, the paper analyzes the possibility that Measurement Science, and therefore measurement itself, can be properly founded. The realist and the representational positions are analyzed at this regards: the conclusion, that such positions unavoidably lead to paradoxical situations, opens the discussion for a new epistemology of measurement, whose characteristics and interpretation are sketched here but are still largely matter of investigation.
Journal/Book: Measurement: journal of the international measurement confederation
ISSN: 0263-2241
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