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Title: The decline of the industrial district of Como: recession, relocation or reconversion?
Authors: Alberti, Fernando
Issue Date: 2006
Bibliographic citation: Alberti Fernando (2006), The decline of the industrial district of Como: recession, relocation or reconversion?. In: Entrepreneurship and regional development, vol. 18, n. 6, November 2006, p. 473-501. ISSN 0898-5626. DOI 10.1080/08985620600884792.
Abstract: Industrial districts are experiencing intensifications in those economic conditions that have historically favoured them. Some of them have entered a process of decline, which might seem the cause or the effect of recession, relocation or reconversions into different models. The present paper aims at contributing to the debate on the evolutionary patterns of industrial districts, offering an explorative look at the phenomenon of industrial districts' decline. This topic has been widely overlooked in literature and demands further empirical evidence and conceptual insights. To this purpose, the paper builds on the longitudinal case study of the industrial district of Como, illustrating and analysing its decline process from 1980 to 2003. The focus of the study is on the determinants of an industrial district's decline and the consequences on the structures of the district itself. The findings are then abstracted to a model for the understanding and explanation of the decline of industrial districts. The conclusion is that scholars, practitioners and policy-makers might benefit from enhancing their knowledge of industrial districts' decline and also from interpreting industrial districts' evolution in a wider sense. The paper concludes with contributions and suggestions for further research.
Journal/Book: Entrepreneurship and regional development
ISSN: 0898-5626
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