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Title: Selecting sourcing strategies for technological innovation: an empirical case study
Authors: Chiesa, Vittorio
Manzini, Raffaella
Tecilla, Federico
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Emerald
Bibliographic citation: Chiesa Vittorio, Manzini Raffaella, Tecilla Federico (2000), Selecting sourcing strategies for technological innovation: an empirical case study. In: International journal of operations and production management, vol. 20, n. 9, p. 1017-1037.
Abstract: This paper faces the problem of the decision maker who has to identify the most appropriate organisational mode for the external acquisition of a certain technology. Its objective is twofold: to explain the rationale behind the choice of a definite mode of collaboration, i.e. to understand which aspects of the specific technological collaboration are considered by companies when selecting the organisational form; and to describe the process through which the choice is actually made, i.e. to understand which is the logical path which leads to selection of a definite organisational form. A framework is proposed and then applied to a case study.
Journal/Book: International journal of operations and production management
ISSN: 0144-3577
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