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Title: IP and open innovation: theory and practice
Authors: Manzini, Raffaella
Lazzarotti, Valentina
Pellegrini, Luisa
Issue Date: 2012
Bibliographic citation: Manzini Raffaella, Lazzarotti Valentina, Pellegrini Luisa (2012), IP and open innovation: theory and practice. In: International journal of technology marketing, vol. 7, n. 2, 2012, p. 119-134. ISSN 1741-878X. E-ISSN 1741-8798. DOI 10.1504/IJTMKT.2012.046903.
Abstract: In this paper, the objective is to explore the relationship between intellectual property and open innovation along the innovation process. The study is based upon a literature analysis and a multiple case study involving three Italian companies which adopted an open approach to innovation. As a result, this paper proposes a framework which explains how different IP protection mechanisms, either legal or strategic, can be exploited to protect technology and know-how in collaborations concerning different phases of the innovation funnel. The framework highlights that the integration between legal and strategic IP tools is necessary to increase protection. However, the use of such tools becomes effective only when grounded on a set of managerial and organisational interventions concerning the management of human resources and of internal flows of knowledge and information. This paper also sheds some light on the role of IP protection mechanisms as enablers/facilitators/limiting factors for companies who want to open their innovation process to external partners.
Journal/Book: International journal of technology marketing
ISSN: 1741-878X
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