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2020A systematic literature network analysis of existing themes and emerging research trends in circular economyKhitous, Fatima; Strozzi, Fernanda; Urbinati, Andrea; Alberti, Fernando
2020A perspective on early detection systems models for COVID-19 spreadingVianello, Chiara; Strozzi, Fernanda; Mocellin, Paolo; Cimetta, Elisa; Fabiano, Bruno; Manenti, Flavio; Pozzi, Rossella; Maschio, Giuseppe
2020Digital twin-enabled smart industrial systems: a bibliometric reviewCiano, Maria Pia; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso; Strozzi, Fernanda
2020Ambient assisted living and European funds: a bibliometric approachPuliga, Gloria; Nasullaev, Akhatjon; Bono, Flavio; Gutiérrez, Eugenio; Strozzi, Fernanda
2020Trends in life insurance demand and lapse literatureSrbinoski, Bojan; Strozzi, Fernanda; Poposki, Klime; Born, Patricia H.
2019Tourism and its economic impact: a literature review using bibliometric toolsComerio, Niccolò; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019Information sharing in supply chains: a review of risks and opportunities using the systematic literature network analysis (SLNA)Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Noè, Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019Length of stay reduction in the emergency department and its quantification using complex network theoryDel Torto, Antonio; Pozzi, Rossella; Porazzi, Emanuele; Garagiola, Elisabetta; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019How IJPR has addressed 'lean': a literature review using bibliometric toolsCiano, Maria Pia; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019Analysing the attractiveness, availability and accessibility of healthcare providers via social network analysis (SNA)Strozzi, Fernanda; Garagiola, Elisabetta; Trucco, Paolo
2019Lean and agile supply chain strategies: a systematic literature reviewRaji, Ibrahim Oluwole; Rossi, Tommaso; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019Using TRIZ for teaching innovation and creativityPuliga, Gloria; Strozzi, Fernanda; Manzini, Raffaella; Noè, Carlo
2019The link between lean and human resource management or organizational behaviour: a bibliometric reviewCiano, Maria Pia; Strozzi, Fernanda; Minelli, Eliana; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2019Collaboration and semantic networks of EU-funded research in quantum technologies: 2007-2019: Horizon scanning for perspectives on quantum technology for structural and mechanical engineering: EUR 29821 ENGutiérrez, Eugenio; Bono, Flavio; Strozzi, Fernanda
2018Quantifying the benefits of the lean thinking adoption by the beer game supply chainPozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda; Rossi, Tommaso; Noè, Carlo
2018How assembly systems are adopting the technologies of I40: a preliminary landscapePozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda
2017Literature review on the 'Smart factory' concept using bibliometric toolsStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Noè, Carlo
2017Citation network analysis for supporting continuous improvement in higher educationColicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Strozzi, Fernanda
2017Recurrence quantification analysis for time serieStrozzi, Fernanda; Pozzi, Rossella
2017Teaching sustainability to engineers a systematic literature reviewStrozzi, Fernanda; Noè, Carlo; Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro
2016A nonlinear policy for trading in index fundsGhezzi, Luca; Strozzi, Fernanda
2015Il servizio di trasporto urbano di Castellanza analizzato con l'approccio dei giochi cooperativiPanzarella, Erika; Rossignoli, Chiara; Strozzi, Fernanda
2015Information processing and management using citation network and keyword analysis to perform a systematic literature review on green supply chain managementStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia
2015Network segmentation and spanning setsStrozzi, Fernanda; Renaldi, Graziano; Gutiérrez, Eugenio
2014Esempi di reti complessePozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda
2014Engineering and network analysisPozzi, Rossella; Noè, Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2014The traveling salesman game for cost allocation: the case study of the bus service in CastellanzaBesozzi, Nicola; Ruschetti, Luca; Rossignoli, Chiara; Strozzi, Fernanda
2013Citation networks dynamics: a new clustering algorithm using recurrence plotsStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia; Sorrenti, Andrea; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2013Literature review on environmental indicators for supply chains using "Systematic Literature Network Analysis"Strozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia; Sorrenti, Andrea
2012A systematic literature network analysis on environmental performance indicators for supply chainsColicchia, Claudia; Sorrenti, Andrea; Strozzi, Fernanda
2012Divergence control of a one-level supply chain replenishment ruleStrozzi, Fernanda; Noè, Carlo; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2012Literature review on complex network methods applied to measure robustness in supply chain designStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia
2012Supply chain risk management: a new methodology for a systematic literature reviewColicchia, Claudia; Strozzi, Fernanda
2011Positive plus negative feedback loops as an energetic efficient control in molecular systemsZaldívar, José Manuel; Strozzi, Fernanda
2011Recurrence networks: evolution and robustnessStrozzi, Fernanda; Poljansek, Karmen; Bono, Flavio; Gutierrez, Eugenio; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2011Correlation analysis between faults in the electricity grid and spot prices in the Nordic RegionStrozzi, Fernanda; Rossignoli, Chiara; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2011Divergence operator for a novel power systems regulationFalabretti, Davide; Merlo, Marco; Delfanti, Maurizio; Strozzi, Fernanda; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2010Divergence operator for the stability assessment of a microgrid weakly connected to the power systemFalabretti, Davide; Delfanti, Maurizio; Merlo, Marco; Zaldívar, José Manuel; Strozzi, Fernanda
2010Phase-space volume based control of semibatch reactorsZaldívar, José Manuel; Strozzi, Fernanda
2010Bullwhip effect and inventory oscillations analysis using the beer game modelCoppini, Matteo; Rossignoli, Chiara; Rossi, Tommaso; Strozzi, Fernanda
2010Analysis and simulation of metabolic networks: application to HEPG2Zaldívar, José Manuel; Strozzi, Fernanda
2009Stochastic models for supply chain vulnerability: insights from a systematic literature reviewColicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Strozzi, Fernanda
2009Markov chain models for supply chain risk: insights from a systematic literature reviewColicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Strozzi, Fernanda
2009A stochastic model for evaluating the vulnerability of a supply networkColicchia, Claudia; Kocarev, Ljupco; Noè, Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2009From complex networks to time series analysis and viceversa: application to metabolic networksStrozzi, Fernanda; Zaldívar, José Manuel; Poljansek, Karmen; Bono, Flavio; Gutierrez, Eugenio
2009Manmade project: diagnosing vulnerability, emergent phenomena and volatility in manmade networksStrozzi, Fernanda; Gutierrez, Eugenio; Arrowsmith, David K.
2009From complex networks to time series analysis and viceversa: application to metabolic networksStrozzi, Fernanda; Zaldívar, José Manuel; Poljansek, Karmen; Bono, Flavio; Gutierrez, Eugenio
2008Quantifying and ranking risks: the ANP method and the interdependencies modelColicchia, Claudia; Sivonen, Hannu; Noè, Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2008Measuring volatility in the Nordic spot electricity market using recurrence quantification analysisStrozzi, Fernanda; Gutierrez, Eugenio; Noè, Carlo; Rossi, Tommaso; Serati, Massimiliano; Zaldívar, José Manuel
2008Stability control in a supply chain: total costs and bullwhip effect reductionStrozzi, Fernanda; Noè, Carlo; Zaldívar, José Manuel