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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The modelling of odour dispersion as a support tool for the improvements of high odours impact plantsLuciano, Antonella; Torretta, Vincenzo; Mancini, Giuseppe; Eleuteri, Andrea; Raboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo
2017Impianti di erogazione carburanti ad uso privato: situazione italiana e nuove possibili criticità per il suolo e la faldaRaboni, Massimo; Dallari, Fabrizio; Garagiola, Elisabetta
2017Predictive model of limestone scaling in ammonia stripping towers and its experimental validation on a treatment plant fed by MSW leachate-polluted groundwaterRaboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo
2017Treatment of airborne BTEX by a two-stage biotrickling filter and biofilter, exploiting selected bacterial and fungal consortiaRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo
2017Validation of a new model for the sizing of denitrification reactors, by testing full-scale plantsRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo
2016L'efficienza energetica: casi ed esperienze: dalla diagnosi energetica al risparmio energetico nelle imprese manifatturiere dell'area prealpina: rapporto 2016Pizzurno, Emanuele; Raboni, Massimo; De Battista, Marco; Grazioli, Giulia; Margnini, Paola
2016Comparison of classical and "cause consequence diagrams" Recursive Operability Analysis: the T2 Laboratories accidentContini, Sergio; Contini, Paolo Mario; Torretta, Vincenzo; Sala Cattaneo, Carlo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina
2016Image analysis procedure for studying Back-Diffusion phenomena from low-permeability layers in laboratory testsTatti, Fabio; Petrangeli Papini, Marco; Raboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo
2016Advanced criteria for the design of denitrification reactors in activated sludge plantsRaboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2016LCA-based software aimed at limiting the CO2 within an integrated MSW management systemViotti, Paolo; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo
2016Airborne toluene removal for minimizing occupational health exposure by means of a trickle-bed biofilterRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo
2016Advances in wastewater nitrogen removal by biological processes: state of the art reviewCapodaglio, Andrea G.; Hlavinek, Petr; Raboni, Massimo
2016Experimental test and modelling of lead desorption/adsorption processes in a soil flushing treatment applicationAntonucci, Angela; Di Corato, C.; Luciano, Antonella; Mancini, Giuseppe; Martorelli, Elisa; Raboni, Massimo; Sappa, G.; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo
2016Oxygen control and improved denitrification efficiency by dosing ferrous ions in the anoxic reactorViotti, Paolo; Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Martorelli, Elisa; Raboni, Massimo
2016Il rifornimento in extra-rete: il modello in-houseRaboni, Massimo; Torre, Nicola
2016Sumus Italia: carta non manetRaboni, Massimo
2016Formation and destruction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the flaring of the biogas collected from an automotive shredded residues landfillRaboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo
2016Assessment of the fate of Escherichia Coli in different stages of wastewater treatment plantsRaboni, Massimo; Gavasci, Renato; Torretta, Vincenzo
2016A modified biotrickling filter for nitrification-denitrification in the treatment of an ammonia-contaminated air streamRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo
2015EDTA chelating process for lead removal: evaluation of approaches by means of a reactive transport modelMartorelli, Elisa; Antonucci, Angela; Luciano, Antonella; Rossi, Elisabetta; Raboni, Massimo; Mancini, Giuseppe; Viotti, Paolo
2015Automotive shredder residue: a survey of the hazardous organic micro-pollutants spectrum in landfill biogasRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano; Viotti, Paolo
2015Sicuri di non poter fare di più?Baglio, Martina; Dallari, Fabrizio; Raboni, Massimo; Russo, Giuseppe
2015Experimental treatment of a refinery waste air stream, for BTEX removal, by water scrubbing and biotrickling on a bed of Mitilus edulis shellsTorretta, Vincenzo; Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Raboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo
2015Ingegneria sanitaria ambientale: processi e impiantiRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2015Methodological approach for the optimization of drinking water treatment plants' operation: a case studySorlini, Sabrina; Collivignarelli, Maria Cristina; Castagnola, Federico; Crotti, Barbara Marianna; Raboni, Massimo
2015A comprehensive analysis of the current and future role of biofuels for transport in the European Union (EU)Raboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo; Capodaglio, Andrea G.
2015Influence of denitrification reactor retention time distribution (RTD) on dissolved oxygen control and nitrogen removal efficiencyRaboni, Massimo; Gavasci, Renato; Viotti, Paolo
2015Effectiveness of a multi-stage biofilter approach at pilot scale to remove odor and VOCsTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Caruson, Paolo
2015Physico-chemical technologies for nitrogen removal from wastewaters: a reviewCapodaglio, Andrea G.; Hlavinek, Petr; Raboni, Massimo
2015Water pollution: biological oxidation and natural control techniquesCopelli, Sabrina; Raboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Pilot experimentation with complete mixing anoxic reactors to improve sewage denitrification in treatment plants in small communitiesRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2014The mass and energy balance of an integrated solution for municipal solid waste treatmentTorretta, Vincenzo; Ionescu, Gabriela; Raboni, Massimo; Merler, G.
2014Full scale treatment of ASR wastes in a modified rotary kilnMancini, Giuseppe; Viotti, Paolo; Luciano, Antonella; Raboni, Massimo; Fino, D.
2014Calculating specific denitrification rates in pre-denitrification by assessing the influence of dissolved oxygen, sludge loading and mixed-liquor recycleRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Batchsize e criteri topologici: un approccio combinato per l'ottimizzazione in sicurezzaCopelli, Sabrina; Raboni, Massimo; Rota, Renato; Torretta, Vincenzo; Pasturenzi, Christian
2014Synthesis of 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzotrifluoride: industrial thermal runaway simulation due to cooling system failureCopelli, Sabrina; Derudi, Marco; Sala Cattaneo, Carlo; Nano, Giuseppe; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Rota, Renato
2014UASB followed by sub-surface horizontal flow phytodepuration for the treatment of the sewage generated by a small rural community.Raboni, Massimo; Gavasci, Renato; Urbini, Giordano
2014Implementation of an integrated stationary – non steady state Gaussian modeling system to simulate contaminants dispersion into the atmosphereRaboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Tigoli, Mattia; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano; Nano, Giuseppe
2014Treatment of slaughterhouse wastewaters using anaerobic filtersMartinez, Sandra Luz; Torretta, Vincenzo; Minguela, Jesus Vazquez; Sineriz, Faustino; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Rada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco
2014Manual handling operations in an air shipping company: a comparison between risk evaluation methodsSala Cattaneo, Carlo; Derudi, Marco; Nano, Giuseppe; Rota, Renato; Copelli, Sabrina; Torretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo
2014Assessment of biological kinetics in a conventional municipal WWTP by means of the oxygen uptake rate methodTorretta, Vincenzo; Ragazzi, Marco; Trulli, Ettore; De Feo, Giovanni; Urbini, Giordano; Raboni, Massimo; Rada, Elena Cristina
2014Production and use of biogas in Europe: a survey of current status and perspectivesRaboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Study of a nimble model to evaluate the effects of a gasoline fire in a road tunnelSala Cattaneo, Carlo; Tavelli, Silvia; Derudi, Marco; Rota, Renato; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Copelli, Sabrina
2014A theoretical approach of a new index-based methodology for risk assessment of pipelines (I)Torretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Capodaglio, Andrea G.
2014Municipal solid waste treatment by integrated solutions: energy and environmental balancesRada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco; Ionescu, Gabriela; Merler, G.; Moedinger, F.; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo
2014Removal of benzene from oil refinery wastewater treatment plant exchausted gases with a multi-stage biofiltration pilot plantRada, Elena Cristina; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Copelli, Sabrina; Ragazzi, Marco; Caruson, Paolo; Istrate, Irina Aura
2013Recovery of different waste vegetable oils for biodiesel production: a pilot experience in Bahia State, BrazilTorres, Ednildo Andrade; Cerqueira, Gilberto S.; Ferrer, Tiago M.; Quintella, Cristina M.; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2013Influence of strong diurnal variations in sewage quality on the performance of biological denitrification in small community wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2013Incineration of pre-treated municipal solid waste (MSW) for energy co-generation in a non-densely populated areaTrulli, Ettore; Torretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Masi, Salvatore
2013Application of strategies for particulate matter reduction in urban areas: an Italian caseTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Rada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco; Ionescu, Gabriela; Apostol, Tiberiu; Badea, Adrian
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