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2016Advanced criteria for the design of denitrification reactors in activated sludge plantsRaboni, Massimo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2015Automotive shredder residue: a survey of the hazardous organic micro-pollutants spectrum in landfill biogasRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano; Viotti, Paolo
2015Ingegneria sanitaria ambientale: processi e impiantiRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2015Water pollution: biological oxidation and natural control techniquesCopelli, Sabrina; Raboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Assessment of biological kinetics in a conventional municipal WWTP by means of the oxygen uptake rate methodTorretta, Vincenzo; Ragazzi, Marco; Trulli, Ettore; De Feo, Giovanni; Urbini, Giordano; Raboni, Massimo; Rada, Elena Cristina
2014UASB followed by sub-surface horizontal flow phytodepuration for the treatment of the sewage generated by a small rural community.Raboni, Massimo; Gavasci, Renato; Urbini, Giordano
2014Implementation of an integrated stationary – non steady state Gaussian modeling system to simulate contaminants dispersion into the atmosphereRaboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Tigoli, Mattia; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano; Nano, Giuseppe
2014Production and use of biogas in Europe: a survey of current status and perspectivesRaboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Pilot experimentation with complete mixing anoxic reactors to improve sewage denitrification in treatment plants in small communitiesRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2014Calculating specific denitrification rates in pre-denitrification by assessing the influence of dissolved oxygen, sludge loading and mixed-liquor recycleRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2013Application of a decision support system to the transport of hazardous materialsTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Urbini, Giordano
2013Recovery of different waste vegetable oils for biodiesel production: a pilot experience in Bahia State, BrazilTorres, Ednildo Andrade; Cerqueira, Gilberto S.; Ferrer, Tiago M.; Quintella, Cristina M.; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2013Influence of strong diurnal variations in sewage quality on the performance of biological denitrification in small community wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs)Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano
2013Effect of powdered activated carbon to reduce fouling in membrane bioreactors: a sustainable solution. Case studyTorretta, Vincenzo; Urbini, Giordano; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Viotti, Paolo; Luciano, Antonella; Mancini, Giuseppe
2013Experimental plant for the physical-chemical treatment of groundwater polluted by municipal solid waste (MSW) leachate, with ammonia recoveryRaboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Viotti, Paolo; Urbini, Giordano
2012Application of a decision support system for the sustainabile planning of Rio Pojuca basin (Bahia, Brazil) water resourcesTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano
2010Applicazione di un DSS a supporto della pianificazione sostenibile dei bacini idriciTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Urbini, Giordano