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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020i-FAB: teaching how industry 4.0 supports lean manufacturingCannas, Violetta Giada; Ciano, Maria Pia; Pirovano, Giovanni; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2020A new logistics model for increasing economic sustainability of perishable food supply chains through intermodal transportationRossi, Tommaso; Pozzi, Rossella; Pirovano, Giovanni; Cigolini, Roberto; Pero, Margherita
2019How IJPR has addressed 'lean': a literature review using bibliometric toolsCiano, Maria Pia; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019Length of stay reduction in the emergency department and its quantification using complex network theoryDel Torto, Antonio; Pozzi, Rossella; Porazzi, Emanuele; Garagiola, Elisabetta; Strozzi, Fernanda
2019The link between lean and human resource management or organizational behaviour: a bibliometric reviewCiano, Maria Pia; Strozzi, Fernanda; Minelli, Eliana; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2019Using simulation to reshape the maintenance systems of caster segmentsPozzi, Rossella; Pero, Margherita; Cigolini, Roberto; Zaglio, Francesco; Rossi, Tommaso
2018ABB: unità operativa di DalminePozzi, Rossella; Puliga, Gloria
2018A methodological approach to assess the content of work in air cargo operationsPozzi, Rossella; Noè, Carlo; Rossi, Tommaso
2018SacmiSecchi, Raffaele; Pozzi, Rossella
2018RoldPozzi, Rossella; Secchi, Raffaele
2018Quantifying the benefits of the lean thinking adoption by the beer game supply chainPozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda; Rossi, Tommaso; Noè, Carlo
2018Pietro CarnaghiPuliga, Gloria; Pozzi, Rossella
2018How to assess the degree of leanness: a preliminary proposalCiano, Maria Pia; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2018How assembly systems are adopting the technologies of I40: a preliminary landscapePozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda
2018Complexity reduction and kaizen events to balance manual assembly lines: an application in the fieldCannas, Violetta Giada; Pero, Margherita; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2018An empirical application of lean management techniques to support ETO design and production planningCannas, Violetta Giada; Pero, Margherita; Pozzi, Rossella; Rossi, Tommaso
2018Industry 4.0 nelle macchine e attrezzature per la lavorazione di materie plastiche e gommaRossi, Tommaso; Pirovano, Giovanni; Pozzi, Rossella
2017Improving production planning through finite-capacity MRPRossi, Tommaso; Pozzi, Rossella; Pero, Margherita; Cigolini, Roberto
2017EOQ-based inventory management in single-machine multi-item systemsRossi, Tommaso; Pozzi, Rossella; Testa, Mariapaola
2017Recurrence quantification analysis for time serieStrozzi, Fernanda; Pozzi, Rossella