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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Information sharing in supply chains: a review of risks and opportunities using the systematic literature network analysis (SLNA)Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Noe', Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2018A methodological approach to assess the content of work in air cargo operationsPozzi, Rossella; Noe', Carlo; Rossi, Tommaso
2018Quantifying the benefits of the lean thinking adoption by the beer game supply chainPozzi, Rossella; Strozzi, Fernanda; Rossi, Tommaso; Noe', Carlo
2017Literature review on the 'Smart factory' concept using bibliometric toolsStrozzi, Fernanda; Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Noe', Carlo
2017Teaching the management of innovation to engineersManzini, Raffaella; Noe', Carlo
2017Teaching sustainability to engineers a systematic literature reviewStrozzi, Fernanda; Noe', Carlo; Colicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro
2017Innovazione e sostenibilità nell'industria tessileMagni, Aurora; Noe', Carlo
2016Benchmarking of health technologies distribution models: an investigation of Lombardy's local health authoritiesCreazza, Alessandro; Restelli, Umberto; Porazzi, Emanuele; Garagiola, Elisabetta; Croce, Davide; Arpesella, Marisa; Dallari, Fabrizio; Noe', Carlo
2016Santa Marta Bio: dalla Sicilia con saporeNoe', Carlo
2015Using simulation for reliable investment appraisal: evidence from a case studyPozzi, Rossella; Noe', Carlo; Lazzarotti, Valentina; Rossi, Tommaso
2015Teaching sustainability to industrial engineering studentsNoe', Carlo; Pozzi, Rossella; Magni, Aurora
2015Experimenting 'learn by doing' and 'learn by failing'Pozzi, Rossella; Noe', Carlo; Rossi, Tommaso
2014Engineering and network analysisPozzi, Rossella; Noe', Carlo; Strozzi, Fernanda
2013Tecnologie sanitarie a domicilio: soluzioni a confrontoNoe', Carlo; Dallari, Fabrizio; Creazza, Alessandro; Montonati, Stefania; Porazzi, Emanuele; Restelli, Umberto
2012Divergence control of a one-level supply chain replenishment ruleStrozzi, Fernanda; Noe', Carlo; Zaldivar, Jose' Manuel
2012Companies requirements and design of post-graduates coursesNoe', Carlo; Sorrenti, Domenico
2012Kart factory: a powerful tool for experimental learning of lean manufacturingRossi, Tommaso; Noe', Carlo; Salomone, Fabio; Pozzi, Rossella
2011Profiling engineering graduates on the basis of secondary education resultsNoe', Carlo; Sorrenti, Domenico
2011Logistics management of the integrated home care service: wich is the optimal distribution model?Noe', Carlo; Dallari, Fabrizio; Creazza, Alessandro; Porazzi, Emanuele; Restelli, Umberto
2010Cost Evaluation of the Pallet Exchange System in the Consumer Packaged Goods Supply ChainColicchia, Claudia; Creazza, Alessandro; Dallari, Fabrizio; Noe', Carlo