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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The role of monetary incentives: bonus and/or stimulusPonta, Linda; Delfino, Francesco; Cainarca, Gian Carlo
2020Studying innovation with patents and machine learning algorithms: a laboratory for engineering studentsManzini, Raffaella; Ponta, Linda; Puliga, Gloria; Noè, Carlo; Oneto, Luca
2020The complexity of the intangible digital economy: an agent-based modelBertani, Filippo; Ponta, Linda; Raberto, Marco; Teglio, Andrea; Cincotti, Silvano
2020Long-range dependence in financial markets: a moving average cluster entropy approachMurialdo, Pietro; Ponta, Linda; Carbone, Anna
2020Monetary incentives in Italian public administration: a stimulus for employees? An agent-based approachPonta, Linda; Cainarca, Gian Carlo; Cincotti, Silvano
2020Identifying the determinants of innovation capability with machine learning: how patents can be predictivePonta, Linda; Puliga, Gloria; Oneto, Luca; Manzini, Raffaella
2019Modeling non-stationarities in high-frequency financial time seriesPonta, Linda; Trinh, Mailan; Raberto, Marco; Scalas, Enrico; Cincotti, Silvano
2019From financial instability to green finance: the role of banking and credit market regulation in the Eurace modelRaberto, Marco; Ozel, Bulent; Ponta, Linda; Teglio, Andrea; Cincotti, Silvano
2019Budgetary rigour with stimulus in lean times: policy advices from an agent-based modelTeglio, Andrea; Mazzocchetti, Andrea; Ponta, Linda; Raberto, Marco; Cincotti, Silvano
2019Innovation capability of firms: a big data approach with patentsPonta, Linda; Puliga, Gloria; Oneto, Luca; Manzini, Raffaella
2019Patents and big data to forecast firms' innovation capabilityPonta, Linda; Puliga, Gloria; Oneto, Luca; Manzini, Raffaella
2019The effect of monetary incentives on individual and organizational performance in an Italian public institutionCainarca, Gian Carlo; Delfino, Francesco; Ponta, Linda
2018Traders' networks of interactions and structural properties of financial markets: an agent-based approachPonta, Linda; Cincotti, Silvano
2018An agent-based stock-flow consistent model of the sustainable transition in the energy sectorPonta, Linda; Raberto, Marco; Teglio, Andrea; Cincotti, Silvano
2018Static and dynamic factors in an information-based multi-asset artificial stock marketPonta, Linda; Pastore, Stefano; Cincotti, Silvano
2018Information measure for financial time series: quantifying short-term market heterogeneityPonta, Linda; Carbone, Anna
2018Agent-based model and simulations of the management of ports: the import processes at the Port of GenoaSenturk, Onur; Talà, Novella; Ponta, Linda; Cincotti, Silvano
2017Detrending Moving Average algorithm: quantifying heterogeneity in financial dataPonta, Linda; Carbone, Anna; Cincotti, Silvano