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2019The CIO and CDO socio-technical roles in the age of digital business transformation: an interpretive studyLocoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio
2019The elephant in the record: on the multiplicity of data recording workCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Alderighi, Camilla; Rasoini, Raffaele; Compagnone, Domenico; Berjano, Pedro
2019Reporting some marginal discourses to root a de-design approach in IS developmentCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio
2019Digital transformation projects maturity and managerial competences: a model and its preliminary assessmentRavarini, Aurelio; Locoro, Angela; Martinez, Marcello
2019Trading off between control and autonomy: a narrative review around de-designCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio
20183D printing objects as knowledge artifacts for a do-it-yourself approach in clinical practice: a questionnaire-based user study in the orthopaedics domainCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio
2018Time accounting system: validating a socio-technical solution for service exchange in local communitiesSultana, Tunazzina; Locoro, Angela; Soares Correa da Silva, Flávio
2018A fil di dato: valore e comunicazione dell'informazione al tempo dello human-data interaction designLocoro, Angela
2018Making open data more personal through a social value perspective: a methodological approachCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Batini, Carlo
2018Machine learning in orthopedics: a literature reviewCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Banfi, Giuseppe
2018Repetita iuvant: exploring and supporting redundancy in hospital practicesCabitza, Federico; Ellingsen, Gunnar; Locoro, Angela; Simone, Carla
2017Is making the new knowing? Tangible and intangible knowledge artifacts in DiDIYLocoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio; Cabitza, Federico; Mari, Luca
2017Tecno-ecologie di genere: gli studi femminili su informatica, organizzazioni e design delle tecnologieLocoro, Angela
2017Human-data interaction in healthcareCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2017Static and interactive infographics in daily tasks: a value-in-use and quality of interaction user studyLocoro, Angela; Cabitza, Federico; Actis-Grosso, Rossana; Batini, Carlo
2017Questionnaires in the design and evaluation of community-oriented technologiesCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2017Exploiting collective knowledge with three-way decision theory: cases from the questionnaire-based researchCabitza, Federico; Ciucci, Davide; Locoro, Angela
2016More time for the doing, having made the thinking 3D printing for knowledge circulation in healthcareCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Ravarini, Aurelio; Satta, Vittorio
2016No more throw-away 'Elderly' people: building a new image of ageing via a time accounting systemSultana, Tunazzina; Locoro, Angela
2016Probing interactivity in open data for general practice: an evidence-based approachCabitza, Federico; Del Zotti, Francesco; Locoro, Angela
2016VVH 2016: Valuable Visualization of Healthcare information: from the quantified self data to conversations: proceedings of the Workshop on Valuable Visualization of Healthcare information: from the quantified self data to conversations co-located with the 2016 International working conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2016), Bari, Italy, June 7th, 2016-
2016Human-data interaction in healthcare: acknowledging use-related chasms to design for a better health informationCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2016Assessing communality in web-based communities: the case of spaghetti open dataCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Maurino, Andrea
2016From care for design to becoming matters: new perspectives for the development of socio-technical systemsCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2016Valuable visualization of healthcare information: from the quantified self data to conversationsCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Fogli, Daniela; Giacomin, Massimiliano
2016Moving western neighborliness to east a study on local exchange in BangladeshCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Simone, Carla; Sultana, Tunazzina
2016"You cannot grow viscum on soil": the "good" corporate social media also failCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Simone, Carla
2015Putting open data to the test of life: conceptual schemas as a means to compare and measure social valueLocoro, Angela; Batini, Carlo
2015A user study to assess the situated social value of open data in healthcareCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela; Batini, Carlo
2015Mapping the knowledge artifact terrain: a quantitative resource for qualitative researchCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2015Exploiting the collective knowledge of communities of expertsCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2015"Made with Knowledge": reporting a qualitative literature review on the concept of the IT knowledge artifactCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2015The knowledge-stream model: a comprehensive model for knowledge circulation in communities of knowledgeable practitionersCabitza, Federico; Cerroni, Andrea; Locoro, Angela; Simone, Carla
2015A map is worth a thousand data: requirements in tertiary human-data interaction to foster participationLocoro, Angela
2015Virtual patients for knowledge sharing and clinical practice training: a gamified approachCabitza, Federico; Fogli, Daniela; Locoro, Angela
2014A holonic multi-agent system for sketch, image and text interpretation in the rock art domainMascardi, Viviana; Briola, Daniela; Locoro, Angela; Grignani, Daniele; Deufemia, Vincenzo; Paolino, Luca; Bianchi, Nicoletta; De Lumley, Henry; Malafronte, Damiano; Ricciarelli, Alessandro
2014Between form and perform: the knowledge artifact in organizations and IT designCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2014Interactive summaries by multi-pole information extraction for the archaeological domainLocoro, Angela; Ancona, Massimo
2014Context-based matching: design of a flexible framework and experimentLocoro, Angela; David, Jérôme; Euzenat, Jérôme
2014Made with knowledge: disentangling the IT knowledge artifact by a qualitative literature reviewCabitza, Federico; Locoro, Angela
2014Should the culture of participation inform a new ethics of design?Locoro, Angela; Cabitza, Federico
2013Two sides of a coin: translate while classify multilanguage annotations with domain ontology-driven word sense disambiguationGioseffi, Massimiliano; Locoro, Angela
2013Towards a core ontology for robotics and automationPrestes, Edson; Carbonera, Joel Luis; Rama Fiorini, Sandro; Jorge, Victor A. M.; Abel, Mara; Madhavan, Raj; Locoro, Angela; Goncalves, Paulo; Barreto, Marcos E.; Habib, Maki; Chibani, Abdelghani; Gérard, Sébastien; Amirat, Yacine; Schlenoff, Craig
2013Ontologica: exploiting ontologies and natural language for railway management: design, implementation and usage examplesBriola, Daniela; Caccia, Riccardo; Bozzano, Michele; Locoro, Angela
2012Ontologica: exploiting ontologies and natural language for representing and querying railway management logicsBriola, Daniela; Caccia, Riccardo; Bozzano, Michele; Locoro, Angela