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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Circular business models in the European manufacturing industry: a multiple case study analysisUrbinati, Andrea; Rosa, Paolo; Sassanelli, Claudio; Chiaroni, Davide; Terzi, Sergio
2019Creating and capturing value from big data: a multiple-case study analysis of provider companiesUrbinati, Andrea; Bogers, Marcel; Chiesa, Vittorio; Frattini, Federico
2019Managerial practices for designing circular economy business models: the case of an Italian SME in the office supply industry√únal, Enes; Urbinati, Andrea; Chiaroni, Davide
2018The role of product design in circular economy business modelsUrbinati, Andrea; Manfredi Latilla, Vito; Chiaroni, Davide
2019Value creation in circular business models: the case of a US small medium enterprise in the building sector√únal, Enes; Urbinati, Andrea; Chiaroni, Davide; Manzini, Raffaella