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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000The Armenian scenarios: strategic foresight of security, business and culture in the Republic of ArmeniaPant, Dipak R.
2015Clinical governance and internal medicine: a marriage of convenience?Nuzzo, Vincenzo; Foglia, Emanuela; Attardo, Tiziana M.; Canale, Clelia; Di Lillo, Mariangela; Fiorin, Lorenzo; La Regina, Micaela; Maffettone, Ada; Montemurro, Domenico; Mazzone, Antonino
2008How can evaluation fail? The case of Italian universitiesMinelli, Eliana; Rebora, Gianfranco; Turri, Matteo
2013The regulation of quality in the market for legal services: Taking the heterogeneity of legal services seriouslyChaserant, Camille; Harnay, Sophie
2019What drives hospital wards' ambidexterity: insights on the determinants of exploration and exploitationFoglia, Emanuela; Ferrario, Lucrezia; Lettieri, Emanuele; Porazzi, Emanuele; Gastaldi, Luca