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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Alternative composite Lisbon development strategy indices: a comparison of EU, USA, Japan and KoreaHeshmati, Almas; Oh, JongEun
2016A comparison of pre- and post-crisis efficiency of OECD countries: evidence from a model with temporal heterogeneity in time and unobservable individual effectMatkovskyy, Roman
2008The Euro's effects on trade in a dynamic settingDe Nardis, Sergio; De Santis, Roberta; Vicarelli, Claudio
2011European integration, labour market dynamics and migration flowsMartinoia, Michela
2007The European Union and its neighbours: everything but institutions?Chilosi, Alberto
2016Foreign direct investments in Europe: are the East-West differences still so noticeable?Brahim, Mariem; Dupuch, Sébastien
1995How much (a)simmetry in Europe? Evidence from industrial sectorsHelg, Rodolfo; Manasse, Paolo; Monacelli, Tommaso; Rovelli, Riccardo
2005Hub-and-Spoke or else? Free trade agreements in the 'enlarged' European UnionDe Benedictis, Luca; De Santis, Roberta; Vicarelli, Claudio
2012The impact of trade integration on business cycle synchronization for Mercosur countriesGrigoli, Francesco
2009The integration of China and India into the world economy: a comparisonBensidoun, Isabelle; Lemoine, Françoise; Ünal, Deniz
2008Is economic convergence in new member states sufficient for an adoption of the Euro?Rinaldi-Larribe, Marie-José
2014An optimum currency crisisPasimeni, Paolo
2017Out of the crisis. A radical change of strategy for the EurozoneGinzburg, Andrea; Simonazzi, Annamaria
2010Real convergence in the new member states of the European Union (shorter and longer term prospects)Halmai, Péter; Vásáry, Viktória
2011Should the UK join the Euro zone? Evidence from a synthetic OCA assessmentLee, Kang-Soek; Saucier, Philippe
2013Skill content of intra-European trade flowsZeddies, Goetz
2006Trade in Southeast Europe: recent trends and some policy implicationsUvalic, Milica
2012Why did Southeastern European eountries experience low inflation rates in the beginning of this century?Yamada, Hiroyuki; Bell, Gerwin
2004Would a second transition stage prolong the initial period of post-socialist economic transformation into market capitalism?Andreff, Wladimir