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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011China and India: openness, trade and effects on economic growthMarelli, Enrico; Signorelli, Marcello
2005China in the international fragmentation of production: evidence from the ICT industryAmighini, Alessia
2008The Euro's effects on trade in a dynamic settingDe Nardis, Sergio; De Santis, Roberta; Vicarelli, Claudio
2014FDI inflows and trade imbalances: evidence from developing AsiaTran, Thi Anh-Dao; Binh Dinh, Thi Thanh
2009The integration of China and India into the world economy: a comparisonBensidoun, Isabelle; Lemoine, Françoise; Ünal, Deniz
2014International trade in outermost Europe: a comparative analysis of Mayotte Island and French Overseas DepartmentsCandau, Fabien; Rey, Serge
2012Oil price shock and structural changes in CMEA trade: pouring oil on troubled waters?Beckmann, Elisabeth; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2005Patterns of international fragmentation of production and the relative demand for laborHelg, Rodolfo; Tajoli, Lucia
2012The rise of emerging economies in the EU15 tradeGaulier, Guillaume; Lemoine, Françoise; Ünal, Deniz
2006Specialization and growth perspectives in the South Mediterranean areaTamberi, Massimo
2010The trade specialization of SANE: evidence from manufacturing industriesAlessandrini, Michele; Enowbi Batuo, Michael