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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017City logistics, urban goods distribution and last mile delivery and collectionCardenas, Ivan; Borbon Galvez, Yari; Verlinden, Thomas; Van de Voorde, Eddy; Vanelslander, Thierry; Dewulf, Wouter
2015Cross-border parcel delivery operations and its cost driversBorbon Galvez, Yari; Dewulf, Wouter; Vanelslander, Thierry; Van de Voorde, Eddy; Cardenas, Ivan; Onghena, Evy
2019Evolution of the EU and international maritime shipping: drivers, challenges, and scenariosArtuso, Diego; Borbon Galvez, Yari; Ferencz, Janos; Langeveld, Menno; Sys, Christa; Vanelslander, Thierry; Zondag, Barry