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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Comparison of classical and "cause consequence diagrams" Recursive Operability Analysis: the T2 Laboratories accidentContini, Sergio; Contini, Paolo Mario; Torretta, Vincenzo; Sala Cattaneo, Carlo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina
2013IEC 61508: Effect of test policy on the probability of failure on demand of safety instrumented systemsContini, Sergio; Copelli, Sabrina; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Sala Cattaneo, Carlo; Rota, Renato
2014Manual handling operations in an air shipping company: a comparison between risk evaluation methodsSala Cattaneo, Carlo; Derudi, Marco; Nano, Giuseppe; Rota, Renato; Copelli, Sabrina; Torretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo
2014Study of a nimble model to evaluate the effects of a gasoline fire in a road tunnelSala Cattaneo, Carlo; Tavelli, Silvia; Derudi, Marco; Rota, Renato; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Copelli, Sabrina
2014Synthesis of 4-chloro-3-nitrobenzotrifluoride: industrial thermal runaway simulation due to cooling system failureCopelli, Sabrina; Derudi, Marco; Sala Cattaneo, Carlo; Nano, Giuseppe; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo; Rota, Renato