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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Application of strategies for particulate matter reduction in urban areas: an Italian caseTorretta, Vincenzo; Raboni, Massimo; Copelli, Sabrina; Rada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco; Ionescu, Gabriela; Apostol, Tiberiu; Badea, Adrian
2014The mass and energy balance of an integrated solution for municipal solid waste treatmentTorretta, Vincenzo; Ionescu, Gabriela; Raboni, Massimo; Merler, G.
2014Municipal solid waste treatment by integrated solutions: energy and environmental balancesRada, Elena Cristina; Ragazzi, Marco; Ionescu, Gabriela; Merler, G.; Moedinger, F.; Raboni, Massimo; Torretta, Vincenzo